Maintenance Plan

Every heating and air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to continue working at maximum efficiency with minimal repair. Your friends at Elite Heating and Air have the answer.

Our maintenance agreement gives you the peace of mind of knowing your heating and air conditioning equipment is protected by professional technicians. Our technicians are qualified to maintain and service all major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Regular maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment is required at the change of seasons. The demands and requirements of heating systems are different from those of air conditioning systems. Systems that are not properly maintained will use more energy than they should and will not provide the comfort you expect from your investment.

An improperly maintained furnace can harm you or your loved ones by sending toxic fumes into your home or office, often unknown to you. A faulty furnace may also cause a fire and destroy your valuables or cause harm to humans. Having a maintenance agreement with Elite Heating and Air will ease your mind and ensure you are getting the most from your investment in heating and air conditioning equipment. Learn more about our maintenance agreement here. Contact us today.

In uncertain times, it’s nice to know that your future is certain with your heating and air conditioning needs.

  • Spring and Fall Maintenance checks
  • 10% off all parts for any repairs needed on your air conditioner or furnace
  • Top priority scheduling

Each additional unit costs $50 more

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

Furnace Maintenance Plan